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Blog van Sander van Haaff

SharePoint keep alive met jQeury

Applicatie binnen SharePoint met een uitspa naar een tweede applicatie (ander domein). SharePoint heeft een session time out van 15 minuten, de tweede app ook.

Form Based Authentication in 2010

We use FBA in 2007 with a custom membershipprovider. This provider queries a custom databse to retrieve userID and PWD. Work very good in 2007, simple config.

SPBusinessDataField.GetProperty("SecondaryFieldWssNames") is totally changed

During a 2007-2010 migration, I found that our custom BDC refresher was not working at all.. first of all the infrastructure name space has changed from

Problemen met InfoPath

Hier wil ik een verzamelijstje maken van problemen met InfoPath 2010.

Publishing InfoPath 2010 forms from Visual Studio

Here is the code to realy be able to deploy forms from VS. If your form uses promoted properties, SPS will create contentypes with the properties as fields. Unfort.

SharePoint 2010 SP1 peoplepicker and javascript

Seems that there has been a change to the the way the peoplepicker handles its genereated javascript.

Repeating sections and people/group picker in infopath 2010

An InfoPtah 2010 form consist of a repeating section, in this section 3 People/Group picker controls exists. Evenry time I open this form in the web, I cannot seem to validate/resolve the users.

There is a compatibility range mismatch between the Web server and database ...........

For a customer I build a webpart that extends the user profile database. We migrrated this application to 2010.

InfoPath 2010 64bit

Laatst probeerde een collega een stukje code behind te schrijven bij een infopath formulier.

SharePoint coding standards

Some standards I collected from the internet and thought off for building SharePoint solutions


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